My Top Draw of Blogs that I Follow and find interesting

So here are some Blogs which I enjoy reading and they keep me informed, in no particular order:

1) Tom Service Classical Music Blog

Tom Service’s Blog on Classical music is extremely informative and succinct for a blog which by their very nature and concept are designed to be short and not too essay-style written articles. His Blog is vastly varied; giving informative articles on composers and their works as well as giving factual reports into the ongoings of the Classical Music Industry. This Blog is certainly a blog that I would recommend everyone to read who has any real interest in classical music to read and follow. Thus, I hope to take inspiration from when structuring and writing mine. A useful example when I was researching Schubert was the following Blog following:

2) Norman Lebrecht Slipped Disc

Norman Lebrecht’s Slipped Disc Blog is one which is more focused on the Classical Music  Industry and its in’s and out’s. Its own description is;

Norman Lebrecht January 2004

“Slipped Disc was founded on in 2007 by the author and broadcaster Norman Lebrecht with the aim of providing swift and reliable inside information on the most fascinating performing art forms. “

A blog that I find fascinating to read and would highly recommend to anyone as it is very clear, well laid out,  throughly well informed and completely reliable.  It does what is says on the tin and gets to the point of all the issues and concerns within the industry from all sides, I find it a great help.

3) Film Music Notes

This Blog is more of a specialist blog, but one I enjoy reading as I have a particular interest in Film Music. So much so I could talk for hours discussing film music and its Golden Age, but that is for another time and Blog post. This blog offers very detailed analysis of Films such as Korngold’s score for the 1938 Adventures of Robin Hood and Herrmann’s Psycho, as well as general discussion on certain genres of film music.

4) On Polish Music – Created and run by Adrian Thomas

I came across this Blog while studying the composers Lutoslawski and Górecki.  The Blog is informative, reliable and extremely comprehensive.  The in-depth well laid out style never disappoints and there is always something new to learn about Polish composers and their influences, backgrounds and styles. It opened a whole new world for me on the work of these interesting Polish composers and made me want to discover more about them and other composers.•-witold-lutoslawski-2013/

Polish Music copy 1


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